Our background is custom fabrication, our favorite past time, spending time with our dogs.  Jude, Border Collie (pictured in Brad's team photo), she started it all.  We got her from a farm, instantly fell in love, and very soon found out what life looks like having a high drive dog.  We almost lost her twice in her first year of life due to a congenital kidney malformation.  We vowed we would do more with our dog.  We met, a now good friend, and he introduced us to dock diving.  We were hooked!  We now have Jude and rescued Australian Cattle Dog Ringo (2017 NADD Elite National Champion, pictured in Ashley's team photo).  Disc is their favorite but we enjoy playing different dog sports together.  Our background in custom manufacturing, and mobile marketing displays, has led us to build some of our favorite props for different dog sports.  We are a team of people that love dogs, and love designing/ manufacturing equipment for dogs.



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Brad Crowden


Ashley Crowden

Keith Crowden


Sue Crowden